An Ode To My Vitamix

Five years ago I purchased a Vitamix blender. It was a big purchase for me but I looked at it as an investment in the well being of everyone that lives in my house. I fantasized about making smoothies and soups, sorbets and salsas. I knew my life would change when the magic blender was in its rightful place on my counter. It was an excruciating two day wait for Amazon to deliver my new toy. When it finally came the reality of the Vitamix was even better than the fantasy. It became my most used and beloved appliance. She was worth every penny. She became part of my life and I loved her.

After 2 years of frequent use I was diagnosed with cancer. That is when I really put her to work. My healthier food choices over the next 3 years took its toll on my baby. For a while I turned a blind eye to the slowing blending action the way one might ignore a slightly swollen lymph node (piece of advice, never ignore a swollen lymph node). I ignored questionable sounds and even a few bouts of smoke coming from the motor. I even cheered her on with encouraging words during the toughest jobs.

As time ticked on it was becoming obvious that after years of faithful service (including countless batches of hummus and umpteen gallons of almond milk) my old girl was getting tired. Then, the unthinkable happened. Two weeks ago, after blending a batch of golden milk, liquid started pouring out of the bottom of the canister. She had literally cracked and I couldn’t ignore the situation anymore. My dear Vitamix wasn’t going to get better on her own. I needed professional help so I sent her off to the blender hospital (keep in mind this was a fully covered trip to the hospital. No out of pocket money from me. Even her ride to and from was covered. Her warranty is better than my insurance). I missed her while she was gone. My counter was empty and my kitchen looked wrong.

Thankfully, my blender melancholy was very short lived. Today she was returned to me and she looks as beautiful as the day I got her. She takes care of me, I take care of her and all is right in my world.

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